Being a First Time Home Buyer can be daunting. What, When, Where, and How are the big questions to ask yourself before you begin your search.

WHAT type of home are you looking for? Bedrooms? Baths? One story or two? City of Country? Basement? Large yard or Zero lot? HOA or no HOA? Carpet vs hardwood floors? 

WHEN are you planning on moving? If you plan on moving in the next few months, it’s best to begin your search soon. If you are planning on moving in the next year, beginning your search now could be futile as many of the homes that are for sale now, will not be available when you are ready to buy.

WHERE are you looking to buy a home? It is very important to narrow down the city and preferred area so the search doesn’t seem so widespread and exhausting driving from one end of a town to another.

HOW are you going to buy your home? Conventional? Insured Conventional? FHA? VA? USDA? Contact your preferred lender for their expert advise for your situation.